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The Adventurous Gemini Horse Personality Those who enter this world during the Chinese astrological Year of The Horse are speculated to receive some of this animal's adventurous nature. Comments: Gemini Horse Personality. Sheshe I am so impatient when there is a need to wait.

It felt like I'm being fooled. So Cool and Sexy in those cowboy movies. AB Thanks for providing these free astrological insights on the 12 x 12 combinations of signs. Xx O xX.

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This one is me. Gemini Earth Horse. Mr nice guy Gaddafi was a Gemini Horse. John Holy right on the dot thats crazy. Joshua it is almost exactly like my mind seat and it is my birth sign lmfao WoW.

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Enrique This is so true I like being in a small group and a fun guy. GemRose90 Finally I've found a description of Gemini Horse that's so true about me. Usually I find that they say horse sign and Gemini sign are very social, love attention, and love partying. I'm none of those and wondered why of and in.

Now I know but still proud I'm a Gem horse and soo stubborn ;-. I'd say both are accurate on this site. Pretty fairly balanced relationship.

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Lol Though gods help anyone dealing with either of us in a funk. LOL GemHorse is impatient but asks for patient of others. Spot on!

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I get so impatient because I hate to wait. LunaTiger Lol so my good friend lol I'm good at keeping him in check but I'm also fine misbehaving with him lol he's always a blast to be around, love his fun loving attitude! We're kinda like a couple of kids, I like that lightheartedness about him!

Monthly Horoscope for Gemini predicts that presence of Planet Mars in the Money House will make you more reckless. You may invest money in speculative projects in September You have the support of your friends in your financial ventures and they will provide you with new openings for earning money. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!!

You will spend money on making your financial methods more sophisticated with the introduction of new technology in September Gemini September monthly astrology prophesies that love life is progressively becoming better and by the 23rd it will be normal. Singles will have ample opportunities to form love partnerships. Gemini sexuality is looking for fun and entertainment in the relationships while your partners are seeking commitment.

Existing relationships pregnancies are making good progress in September Test Now! Gemini September horoscope forecasts delicate health till the 23rd. On the surface, the match between tiger and horse seems doomed. After all, both signs are prone to boredom and seduction. However, the match is actually quite solid for both signs.

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Each sign has ambition and a generally bright view on life. The combination adds up to two partners with similar life interests. When tiger and horse have the same social interests, the match is made even stronger. One issue for the two signs is independence. Tiger and Horse both feel that they need a certain level of independence to be happy.

A mixed blessing, this is good because there will be no hurt feelings when one of the partners needs time alone. However, this can also be bad if either sign is given too much freedom because they may see this as a sign of disinterest from their partner. Both signs like to feel in control of the passion in a relationship. As a result, be sure that you continually show interest in your partner if you are a party in this match up. On a general level, horse and tiger go together quite well according to their interpretations in Chinese astrology. However, be sure to check how well each partner's individual elements mesh together for a better view of the match.

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